The Anxious Mind: Re-Wiring The Brain For Calm, Clarity and Control

About the presenter

Jessica Lee is a keynote speaker, writer and consultant, specialising in applied neuroscience. Jessica has written for Australia’s leading wellness and mindset magazines including, WellBeing, The Sunday Telegraph’s Body and Soul magazine, Australian Yoga Life and Make The World Move. She has also worked with corporations including Commonwealth Bank, Blackmores and Curves.

Jessica is passionate about sharing neuroscience-based strategies to help businesses and individuals to better use their brains to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and stress, while boosting productivity, creative problem solving, purpose and wellbeing.

Jessica’s mission is personal after a seven-year battle with a chronic illness as a result of severe burnout. In that time she also experienced anxiety and only overcame her conditions after unlocking the inner workings of her brain through the latest in neuroscience research.

For the past decade, Jessica has been delving deeper into all things neuroscience, wellbeing, creativity and happiness and sharing her insights and findings as a writer and speaker through her business, The Spark Effect.





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