The Science of Persuasion and Therapy: Decrease Resistance and Improve Therapeutic Outcomes


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Webinar outline

Marketers and companies have used the latest research to persuade people to buy, so shouldn’t we as therapists use the same research to help people make changes that were actually good for them?

In this presentation, you will learn the latest research findings on how people make decisions and get suggestions for how to apply these findings in your work to help people change more quickly and more readily.

After you complete this webinar, you may discover that you have been inadvertently creating resistance to change and you’ll know how to add a few simple, powerful changes to your approach to radically increase the likelihood of positive therapy outcomes. You’ll learn the most common errors we make in working with people and the top three ways to create cooperation and change.

Webinar Topics

  • The non-rational nature of how we make decisions
  • Riding the horse in the direction it going: Learning and using the natural non-relational decision-making pathways to help people change
  • Elements of persuasion: What the research shows
  • Persuasion Principle #1: Social Influence and Following
  • Persuasion Principle #2: Priming and Contextual Influences and Biases
  • Persuasion Principle #3: Loss Aversion/Avoidance
  • Persuasion Principle #4: The Placebo (and Nocebo) Effect


  • List at least three elements of persuasion derived from recent research findings
  • List at least three decision-making strategies derived from recent research findings
  • Be able to use at least one of these methods in your therapeutic work

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