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dainel b. wile, PH.D.

Collaborative Couples Therapy Refresher


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Webinar outline

This webinar is a follow up for people who attended Dan Wile’s workshop, Collaborative Couple Therapy: turning fights into conversations and problems into opportunities for intimacy. The webinar begins with a review of the major principles of Collaborative Couple Therapy followed by a presentation of recent developments in the approach.

Attendees who wish to do so will then have the opportunity to ask questions about Collaborative Couple Therapy and raise issues that have come up in their efforts to apply the approach in their own couple therapy work. Email Dan beforehand to describe these questions and issues so he can make sure to save time to discuss them.

In exploring these questions and issues, we will use case examples. Our focus will be on:

  1. Creating a conversation—helping partners deal with problematic issues by talking in an intimate way about them.
  2. Using the method of doubling—speaking as one partner talking to the other—to demonstrate this more intimate way of relating.
  3. Asking a partner the how much, how much question—softening the edges of what otherwise might be too edgy, confrontational, or threatening a question by pairing it with a benign alternative. “How much is your anger at Sandy what anyone would feel in your situation and how much a sensitivity you have about the matter?”
  4. Asking a sentence-completion question to deepen the conversation (“—and what I really wish is—”), pinpoint the heart of the person’s concern (“—and what most upsets me about the matter is—”), or encourage the partner to specify (“—an example of which is—”) or draw conclusions (“—and that leads me to conclude that—”).
  5. Dealing with the major countertransference problem of couple therapy—privately siding against a partner—by becoming spokesperson for that partner.

Webinar Course Objectives

In this webinar, you’ll learn to:

  • Improve your skill in doubling.
  • Double for both partners simultaneously.
  • Empathize with the less appealing partner.



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