The Anxious Mind: Re-Wiring The Brain For Calm, Clarity and Control

webinar time

Thursday 20 September
10.00am – 11.30am AEST
Duration: 90 minutes


$143 ($130 +GST)

Inclusions: recording of the webinar made available after the session, a certificate of attendance with 1.5 CPD hours, any handouts as provided by the presenter

Webinar outline

Anxiety causes your clients’ lives to become smaller and their sense of what is possible to shrink. By helping your clients to understand the neuroscience behind their anxious experiences and what they can do to re-wire their brain, you will provide them with the ability to live a fuller more optimistic life.

The latest in neuroscience research has expanded our understanding of how the brain works and what is required for it to fire and wire optimally. We now have a much deeper understanding of what happens in the brain when we experience stress and anxiety and most importantly, what we can do to re-wire for calm, clarity and control.

Neuro research has also shown that the brain is changeable and not “fixed” from adolescence, as was once believed. This new knowledge of neuroplasticity means clients have the power to influence how they think, feel and behave. By making new choices, they can change how their brain is operating and calm their anxious mind.

When your clients understand the inner workings of their brain, they are better able to conceptualise what happens when they feel anxious and to feel more in control of how their brain is operating. Knowing how to disrupt the anxious cycle through neuro-based strategies will enable them to “power up” and “quieten down” certain areas of the brain to promote calm, clarity and control.

This webinar will:

  • Provide you with a framework for understanding anxiety from a neuroscience perspective, to further deepen your knowledge of the anxious mind
  • Help you understand the role of key areas of the brain in starting and disrupting anxiety
  • Help you understand the role of key neurotransmitters in managing anxiety and the promotion of a calmer mind
  • Provide you with a number of neuro-based strategies to share with your clients to help them stop the anxious cycle
  • Equip you to explain these neuro concepts in easy to understand language so your clients understand the inner workings of their brain and how they can actively re-wire their brain for greater calm, clarity and control

Who should attend

Psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches – any professional who is providing services online.




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