Bouncing Back: Rewiring the Brain

for Resilience and Well-Being


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What is this course about?

Dealing effectively with challenges and crises is the core of resilience and well-being. Helping clients develop flexible strategies for coping with everyday disappointments and extraordinary disasters is the heart of the therapeutic process.

Modern neuroscience is illuminating how to harness the brain’s own mechanisms of change to rewire seemingly “stuck” and intractable coping strategies that are defensive, dysfunctional, and blocking of growth.  In this practice-oriented training, clinicians will learn through experiential exercises and group discussions which tools and techniques of brain change best help clients reverse the impact of stress and trauma; regulate emotions to come out of anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, guilt and shame; deepen self-compassion and empathy; connect them to their inner resources; strengthen resonant relationships that foster perseverance and resilience; and shift their perspectives through mindful awareness and reflection to discern options and make wise choices.

You will learn

  • Three mechanisms of brain change to install new, more resilient patterns of behavior into implicit memory
  • Body-based tools to regulate automatic survival responses and return the body-brain to its natural physiological baseline equilibrium
  • How to cultivate positive emotions to create the “left shift” that counter-balances the brain’s negativity bias and primes the brain for learning and growth
  • How to use memory deconsolidation-reconsolidation to heal toxic shame and retire the inner critic
  • How to use empathy and attunement to strengthen the executive functioning of the pre-frontal cortex to build resilience and recover a client’s inner secure base
  • Skills of relational intelligence
  • How to harness the mental play space of the default network to allow insights to break through.

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