Re-Discovering Hypnosis for the First Time: The Merits of Modern Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Behavioral Medicine


Tuesday 26 September 2017
9am – 10am (AEST)

Tuesday 31 October 2017
9am – 10am (AEST)

Tuesday 28 November
9am – 10am (AEST)

Note: Times are Australian Eastern Standard Time


$297 ($270 +GST)

Webinar outline

Building on the foundation you have already developed as a clinician, this webinar introduces you to the dynamic and fascinating methods of clinical hypnosis, a domain of professional practice that encompasses behavioral medicine and mind-body approaches (such as pain management and promoting health and healing), and effective and empowering approaches to psychotherapy (such as skill building, resource accessing and reframing).  Training in clinical hypnosis encourages sensitivity to the unique and subjective aspects of human experience and offers ways to enlist these as positive allies in treatment. Hypnosis allows hidden resources we all have to be far more accessible, greatly empowering individuals in the process. In this respect, hypnosis may well be regarded as the original applied “Positive Psychology,” for anyone who practices hypnosis recognizes that people have many more resources than they realize.

The field of hypnosis has moved to the forefront of objective research in striving to understand subjective experience. High quality neuroscientific evidence for changes in the way the brain and mind interact offer compelling evidence that there is much more to hypnosis than meets the eye. As you will happily discover, the old “hocus-pocus” days are long, long gone! In fact, hypnosis is a complex subject encompassing many related disciplines, ranging from neuroscience and social psychology to clinical psychology. This webinar series will acquaint you with the world of modern clinical hypnosis and help you establish a foundation of knowledge of the concepts and methods to build upon.  The science and artistry will be evident in what you say next to someone in distress who is hanging on your every word hoping you’ll say something that truly makes a difference. What would you say to someone who is immobilized by depression, or racked with excruciating pain, or paralyzed with crippling anxiety? In this three-part webinar program, addressing such issues sensibly is just some of what we’ll cover.


Re-discovering the power of focus in psychotherapy

  • The foundations of hypnosis
  • Paying attention with intention
  • Focus as the problem, focus as the solution
  • Suggestion as inevitable in treatment
  • Types of suggestions
  • Models of hypnosis
  • Why all the fuss about Milton Erickson?
  • Classical hypnotic phenomena applied in treatment


The role of hypnosis in behavioral medicine

  • Suggestions as placebos
  • Suggestions as much more than placebos
  • Placebo and nocebo effects
  • Pain management with hypnosis
  • Habit change through hypnosis
  • Hypnosis and healing potential
  • Hypnosis and integrative medicine


Keys to integrating hypnosis into multi-dimensional treatments

  • Doing hypnosis and being hypnotic
  • Treatment from a future orientation
  • Thinking and practicing strategically
  • Hypnosis and behavioral activation
  • Hypnosis and “seeding” homework
  • Rigidity and flexibility in designing treatments

Webinar structure

Each meeting will be for an hour and structured as follows: 45 minutes of lecture material and 15 minutes for discussion and responding to questions.



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