What are the essential skills to unlock depression?


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Treating Depression With Anti-Depressants:
Drug-Placebo Efficacy Debates Limit Broader Considerations

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 2013

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Webinar outline

Depression is the most common mood disorder and is ranked as one of the top causes of human suffering and disability around the world.  In this three part webinar, Dr Michael Yapko will discuss some of the key strategies in effectively managing depression by drawing on material from his most recent publication Keys to Unlocking Depression.

The most frequently searched mental health term on the Internet is depression; however much of the information available about this topic is either inaccurate or biased. Reliable and accurate information is critical in developing the necessary skills to treat depression. But, what good is information if people are too depressed, too passive to read and learn? Keys to Unlocking Depression is a short, easy to read book that provides lots of good information and helpful perspective. This book helps you to identify clearly what you absolutely need to know to overcome depression.

This series of webinars includes some of the most important points from the four sections of Keys to Unlocking Depression.  Each webinar session is approximately 60 minutes long and will include approximately 45 minutes of lecture followed by 15 minutes of Question and Answer time.

Session Topics

Developing Perspective

  • Key things to know about depression: biological, psychological and social factors,
  • The concerns about antidepressant medications in treatment,
  • The role of active skill building in recovery

Making it Personal

  • Identifying personal risk factors: key patterns that set you up for depression,
  • Devising a realistic self-help plan
  • Family risk factors (especially parenting issues when depression is present)

What To Do and What Not To Do

  • When to get help;
  • What to do, what not to do when depressed;
  • Preventing relapses as a concern to take seriously

Why should you buy this?

Current information and a realistic perspective about depression are vital tools in promoting recovery. Too often, people think they know about depression, only to find out their information is obsolete. Among Dr. Yapko’s many accomplishments, he was chosen to write the section on 'Treating Depression' for Encyclopedia Britannica because his views are considered both balanced and well informed. Here’s a chance to learn from an expert from the comfort of your own home or office. It can’t get any easier than this, so take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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