Ronald D. Siegel, Psy.D.

Harnessing Mindfulness: Tailoring the Practice to the Person

webinar time

Wednesday 23 May
9.00am – 10.30am AEST
Duration: 90 minutes


$143 ($130 +GST)

Inclusions: recording of the webinar made available after the session, a certificate of attendance with 1.5 CPD hours, any handouts as provided by the presenter

Webinar outline

Mindfulness-based psychotherapy is the most popular new treatment approach in the last decade—and for good reason. Mental health professionals are enthusiastically discovering that mindfulness practices hold great promise not only for their own personal development, but also as remarkably powerful tools to augment virtually every form of psychotherapy. Mindfulness is not, however a one-size-fits-all remedy. Techniques need to be tailored to fit the needs of particular individuals.

This webinar will explore the core components of mindfulness practices, how they work to alleviate psychological distress, and how they can be creatively adapted to meet the needs of diverse people and conditions. You’ll learn which practices to use—and which to avoid—for people who might have difficulty focusing, such as those who are highly anxious or distractible, as well as techniques for dealing with unresolved trauma, fragile or rigid personalities, or individuals with troubled attachment histories.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the three core elements of mindfulness practice
  • Specify how mindfulness practices can be tailored to the needs of clients with particular disorders, histories, and personality organization
  • Identify possible adverse effects of mindfulness practices and how to avoid them.

Who should attend

Psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches – any professional who is providing services online.




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